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I used to hide in the loos during PE lessons at school…….it took me years to realise that there is a sport for everyone and that it has to be fun to be sustainable. My passions are triathlons and swimming, especially open water. I have also come to enjoy strengthening and mobilising exercises  as I have realised the benefits in terms of injury prevention. As a busy mum of teenage kids it is my sport that keeps me sane and I don’t want to be out of action. I love going for runs with my children or my friends, bike rides with my husband and long swims on my own. Swimming is my meditation – I can highly recommend it! In case I sound like a sports freak I also love cooking and baking and hanging out with my cats.


I love being a Personal Trainer – I think it could be one of the best jobs in the world. I know how good exercise makes me feel and I love helping others achieve their own highs. I know we all have our own stuff going on, family commitments, time constraints, health issues and whether you want to achieve a brisk walk without stopping for breath or run a marathon I will think that you are amazing. Our bodies are designed to move and exercise releases endorphins to make us feel good – I don’t know anyone who has ever regretted their workout!


Nutritional Support


Food, fuel, fun! I love cooking and experimenting with healthy recipes for daily life, sports nutrition and performance. I have several nutritional qualifications which enable me to offer support to people who want to change their weight, become healthier, achieve sports goals or navigate hormonal life changes enabled by the correct diet. I don’t believe in calorie counting or “diets” but in meals filled with healthy and delicious ingredients that can be easily prepared.


My qualifications:


Level 4 Award in Nutrition RSPH, St Mary’s University

“Nutrition in Culinary Practise” from the famous Leith’s School of Food and Wine.

Certified 3rd Age Woman Instructor, Specialist Wellness Coach for Perimenopausal and Beyond Females, Burrell Education




Triathlon and Running Coaching


I have been taking part in triathlons since 2010 and have competed at all distances including Ironman distance which is a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and a marathon – I am the tortoise rather than the hare but I got there and I believe that if I can then anyone can and I love helping people achieve their goals.


I have a BTF Level 1 triathlon coaching qualification and an ASA Level 1 Swimming teacher qualification. Whether couch to 5km or your first triathlon; I can help!


Personal Trainer


I love working with all different kinds of people – in their homes, outside in the fresh air or in a gym environment. I run a variety of classes, bootcamps, small group exercise and 1:1 sessions and will listen to what you want to achieve and help you get there. I am qualified to specialise in female exercise specific to perimenopause and menopause – a time of life where exercise and nutrition can make all of the difference both emotionally and physically.


I have a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification from St Mary’s University, Level 3 Diploma in GP and Exercise Referral  and am a Certified 3rd Age Woman Instructor, Specialist Wellness Coach for Perimenopausal and Beyond Females, Burrell Education.

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