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A staggering one third of the UK adult population experiences back pain every year! There are a variety of different causes but our sedentary lifestyle and the stress of modern day living are huge contributory factors. Moving, stretching, improving our posture and using our backs safely can help prevent and alleviate back pain but often it is the fear of causing injury that prevents people from being able to help themselves.


Back Buddeaze is an exercise programme developed to help you combat and prevent back pain by mobilising your whole body and strengthening your back using physiotherapist recommended exercises in a fun and supportive environment. If you would like to work on your posture, counteract sitting at a computer all day, stretch out your whole body, strengthen targeted muscle groups and finally relax and unwind then this is the class for you!

I am currently teaching this programme in a corporate setting. If you are interested in bringing it to your work environment please get in touch.

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