Frequently Asked Questions

When Can I Start?

You can join a Buggyfit class as soon as you’ve had the all clear from your GP in your postnatal check. This is usually around 6-8 weeks depending on your GP. Mums who have delivered by C-Section sometimes prefer to wait a few weeks longer. If you are unsure, contact me to discuss.

I’m not sure my abdominals have come back together yet!

Many women find that the two bands of the rectis abdominus (six-pack muscle – yes, you have one!) separates during pregnancy.  These usually realign in the initial postnatal period, but for some women this can take a bit longer and the exercises you do should depend on this recovery. I assess every mum’s recovery before their first class and continue to do so if necessary. Exercises can be adapted depending on your core recovery.

What about the weather?

There is the cliché, ‘there is no such thing as bad weather; just inappropriate clothing’ and there is truth in every cliché!

Buggyfit in Bushy Park continues in nearly all weather (yes, that includes rain). If I think the weather is ‘dangerous’ (very high winds, lots of ice) I will contact current regulars. If you are unsure, check this website or drop me a text!

Do remember that although you will get warm exercising, your baby might still need their cosytoes, and raincover in bad weather!

What shall I wear?

  • Please wear proper trainers and layers of exercise gear.

  • A good, supportive bra (or two!)

  • Gloves and hat in cold weather (hands get cold on pram handles).

  • A waterproof is always useful too!

Should I bring anything?

  • An old picnic blanket, rug or towel for work on the ground

  • Water for yourself

  • Any drinks / snacks your baby might require

  • Baby’s raincover and/or sunshade

  • Suncream for you and your baby in the summer months

  • A completed health screening form before your first class.

What if my baby cries?

All babies cry and it is rare to have a class where every baby is silent for the full hour! If your baby cries, remember this will disturb you more than other mums in the class, or me! It is YOUR class. If your baby is not too upset and you want to continue exercising, that is fine! If you need to see to your baby, that is fine too – no-one is ‘told off’ for stepping out of a lunge session to deal with their baby If possible, try and make sure that your baby is fed before the start of the class as this will limit the possibility of an unhappy baby, plus if you are breastfeeding you will feel more comfortable. Obviously, not all babies work to a timetable, this is just a recommendation!

What kind of buggy do I need?

Any kind! I try and stick to the paths in the park as much as possible, especially if it is very muddy. In Buggyfit you will NEVER be asked to run with your pushchair so a special ‘running buggy’ is not required.

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