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Buggyfit is the ultimate outdoor fitness class for new mums who want to get back into shape after their new arrival. Each class is an hour dedicated to you; a chance to socialise, have fun and provides a great social network. No crèche is needed as your baby comes with you! 

Thanks again for all your help, you’ve already really added to my knowledge and helped me focus differently on my movement and breath - thank you!

E.G buggyfit mum

Just wanted to say a huge big Thank-you for your classes, they’ve been a great help with my post-natal recovery. 

F.T Buggyfit mum


I used to hide in the loos during PE lessons at school, it took me years to realise that there is a sport for everyone and that it has to be fun to be sustainable.

I love being a Personal Trainer – I think it could be one of the best jobs in the world. I know how good exercise makes me feel and I love helping others achieve their own highs. 


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